Companion Animal 

This is our main area of expertise. Since 2007 we have gained invaluable experience in dealing with the demands of small animal diagnostics. We continue to improve the quality of our service and the scope of our in-house testing so that we continue to be an excellent choice for your external laboratory service provider.

Livestock and Equine

VLSI is now offering well supported large animal diagnostic testing. We have been processing equine pre-season screening tests since 2007 and are in a position to be very competitive with our pricing, particularly for high seasonal volumes.

Call us for a quotation or for a copy of our latest pricelist.

Exotics and Zoo Animals

From bearded dragons to scimitar-horned oryxes, we have seen lots unusual and exciting cases.
We are well supported by specialists in exotic and zoo animal clinical pathology and welcome the opportunity to look at your interesting exotic cases.


Bridge Pathology in Bristol is part of the Veterinary Pathology Group, working closely with TDDS, PTDS, CTDS and VLSI.
Bridge are a highly dynamic veterinary histopathology and immunohistochemistry laboratory,  dedicated to the provision of the highest quality diagnostic pathology services to the veterinary community. 


Our unique toxicology service and our extensive general toxicology panel screens for over 30,000 compounds, drugs and poisons.

PCR Testing

Molecular Testing Ltd is a part of TDDS and offers quick turnaround PCR testing for a wide range of infectious agents.